Great panel on Censorship and the Web at #WebWeWantFest. Ellery Biddle spoke about her friends’ experience of censorship in Ethiopia as 9 bloggers were jailed for their work online. Then Timothy Kerr explained the dual use of censorship technology and how many companies have a conflict of interest when opposing digital rights. Finally Reem Al Masri spoke about how surveillance in Arab countries is leading to a culture of self censorship due in part to the same lack of digital rights.

The exhibition is on till the 30th of November and worth checking out if you’re at all interested in this thing we call the web. https://webwewant.org/

James Bridle On Privay

As part of Social Media Week London, ‘James Bridle on Privacy: The Aesthetics Of Surveillance, and The Visible Network’.

An interesting introduction to privacy as an individual and how as a population we’ve been indoctrinated into a world of passive surveillance, perhaps because of our lack of education into systems and coding. Is privacy too abstract for most people to consider in their daily lives?

Check out James’s work on http://booktwo.org/

This Happened

Brilliant data and privacy issues panel at the V&A yesterday as part of their Digital Weekend. Interesting discussion on reflecting public sentiment towards privacy and data in tech - Anthony Zboralski highlighting a pessimistic viewpoint that in an age of passive mass surveillance it’s probably best to just keep quiet.

Check http://www.thishappened.org/ for future events.