How the “politest protesters in the world” are putting the ‘civil’ in ‘civil diobedience’


Sirius Lee (his real name) has few concerns over the safety of the crude-looking, 40-socket USB charger he purchased for HK$500 from the mainland. The contraption sits in a mesh of cables at a mall near the main Occupy Central protest camp in Admiralty. Over the past week, over 2,000 people have entrusted their phones and tablets to 22-year-old Lee and his team of 30 friends, who man the “Recharge Corner” in shifts.”

Scientist creates eye tracker for £43


"A scientist has created a budget device that can control a computer by tracking eye movement after stumbling on a £9.95 web camera being sold with a games console – a huge saving from the £20,000 that a similar apparatus used for medical research would have cost at the time."

Incredible for those with restricted mobility but I wonder how it will impact eye tracking in web usability research.